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Your mental wellbeing

Mindfulness packs

We created some mindfulness packs to support our mental health and wellbeing in October and beyond. Download the printable packs.

The Trail guide

Through simply daily activities, you can take a personal journey along the Mental Health Trail to improve your wellbeing and that of those around you.


These resources provide support on looking after your wellbeing, having conversations around mental health, and where to go for support and further information.

2022 Expo recordings

In 2022, we took the Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo online and hosted a huge range of talks, workshops, activities and entertainment, as well as stalls from organisations across the health and wellbeing sector, and opportunities to virtually meet other Canberrans. ​Many of our presenters kindly agreed to us sharing their videos and resources after the day.

Add some cheer

At the Mental Health Month ACT launch event in 2022, attendees shared their happy and encouraging thoughts with us by:

  • telling us where, what or who makes them feel at home on our Happiness wall

  • adding a Positive post-its with a message of appreciation, compassion or thoughfulness.

Feel free to save these off to a place you can easily access if you feel the need for some extra cheer.

Mental wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing Priori-Tea workplace wellbeing pack

Includes resources to help organise and run your event, as well as information on developing and maintaining mentally healthy workplaces.

Communicating about Mental Health Month 

MHM ACT logo

We encourage Mental Health Month ACT event planners to use the Mental Health Month ACT logo on promotional material when marketing events!

Style guide

Brand consistency is important to Mental Health Month ACT. We have created a simple one-page style guide to help you apply the logo on your promotional material and get the most out of the Mental Health Month ACT branding. 

Social media

Use the hashtag #MentalHealthMonthACT when posting about Mental Health Month in the ACT on social media. We will share posts using these hashtags on our social media pages too! You can follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

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