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Media Releases 2020


7 October 2020

Media Alert: Mental Health Month ACT Launch Event

Mental Health Month ACT will officially launch on Saturday 10 October at 10am in a live stream event on social media, in celebration of World Mental Health Day. 


The 2020 Mental Health Month launch event consists of a video series of interviews conducted with a selection of community mental health providers in the ACT. The videos explore what services and programs are available to the Canberra public, how to engage in them and the benefits others have seen through their own engagement. 

The event will be live streamed via Facebook @MentalHealthMonthACT, in an effort to maintain physical distancing and remain COVID safe in 2020. The videos will form part of an ongoing resource to support the mental health journey of Canberrans. 

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1 October 2020

Take time for positive mental health & wellbeing in Canberra this October

With over 30 community events happening across Canberra for Mental Health Month ACT in October 2020, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to take some time out for mental health.


Mental Health Month is an annual event celebrated in over 100 countries in an effort to raise awareness of mental illness, reduce stigma associated with mental illness and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

MHCC ACT Executive Officer, Simon Viereck, states “Our goal throughout Mental Health Month is to help people find the support they need and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. People should feel free and able to reach out, ask for help and support those in the community who suffer in silence.” 


Current statistics show that 1 in 5 Australians experience symptoms of mental health issues, and we studies anticipate that this will increase to a quarter of all Australians through the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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7 August 2020

Mental Health Month celebrates the valuable contributions of the community through Awards

The ACT Mental Health Month Awards recognise the achievements of individuals, groups, organisations, businesses and initiatives in the area of Mental Health in the ACT. 


Mental Health Month occurs each October in the ACT and is coordinated by Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT (MHCC ACT). The Awards are a sector-wide initiative coordinated by MHCC ACT and implemented by the ACT Mental Health Month Advisory Committee. 


MHCC ACT Executive Officer, Simon Viereck, says “There are so many exceptional people and initiatives working to promote and improve understanding, awareness, service provision, and the general mental health and wellbeing of the Canberra community. This is a nice opportunity to shine a spotlight on a few of those each year” 


This year the Mental Health Month Awards have eight award categories and three scholarships to celebrate and support the achievements of Canberrans in the mental health sector.  

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7 August 2020

ACT Mental Health Month event grant recipients announced for 2020

Mental Health Month ACT has awarded 28 community groups, schools and universities with up to $1000 in grant funding to host events in October 2020. 

The Mental Health Month reimbursement grant program supports community groups or organisations, schools, universities and faith-based groups to host an event in October that looks to support wellbeing and promote positive mental health in the Canberra community. 

In 2020 we are pleased to announce the 28 community events that will be supported through grant funding, and are providing a wide array of events through Mental Health Month in October this year. 

See the full list: 

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29 May 2020

MHCC are supporting community mental health in 2020 through the ACT Mental Health Month grants program 


Mental Health Month occurs each October and is coordinated by The Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT (MHCC ACT). In 2020 the impacts of COVID-19 have meant that supporting the mental health of the Canberra community is increasingly important. 


MHM ACT are supporting communities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing through their reimbursement grants program that encourages a wide range of MHM community events. Reimbursement grants of up $1000 are available for community groups or organisations, schools and universities, charities or faith based groups in the ACT region to support them in hosting an event for Mental Health Month in October 2020.  

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15 May 2020

Community Grant applications NOW OPEN for Mental Health Month Events in October 2020 


Reimbursement grants of up $1000 are available for community groups to host events for Mental Health Month ACT in October 2020. Applications open Friday 15 May 2020 and should promote positive mental health in our communities. 

Mental Health Month occurs each October in the ACT and is coordinated by The Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT (MHCC ACT). 

The reimbursement grant program is open to any community-based group or organisation, charity, school, university or faith-based group within or outside the mental health sector. The aim is to have a diverse events program that caters to all sub-groups of the Canberra community. 

With the impacts that COVID-19 and social distancing measures may have on event scope, MHCC ACT notes that it is important for applicants to consider alternative and adaptable plans in their applications. 

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