2017 Mental Health Week Award Winners

Consumer of the Year 

Lynette Lipovac

The longest serving mental health worker for Woden Community Services, Lynette works collaboratively with the NDIS support coordinators, upholding the instructions of varied health professionals, often taking participants to their appointments as needed. 

Lynette works with compassion and insight during her activities with people who have severe and complex mental health issues and vulnerabilities. 

Volunteer of the Year 

Fox Fromholz

Fox is a volunteer at Headspace Canberra and a passionate advocate for the young LGBTIQ+ community in the ACT. Fox has also been instrumental in setting up the Youth Ambassadors Program at Wellways, a peer led program delivering educational workshops in schools to teach students about mental health. 


Fox raised over $1000 for homelessness at the annual Canberra Sleep Out in ____ and established a local scheme to deliver hygiene bins and sharps disposal units to youth refuges and homeless shelters throughout Canberra. 

Carer Award 2017

Dennis Strangman

Denis has been a stalwart in advocating for a better mental health system for decades.

Always thoughtful, articulate and strategic in his advocacy Denis has supported carers through volunteering at Calvary 2N, by being an informed voice in many consultations and focus groups and a strong proponent for collaboration.

This years Mental Health Week theme is Stronger Together, and we believe that Denis has embodied that statement in the work he has undertaken and the ACT is all the better for it.

David Perrin Award

Sophie Hope

Living with, and negotiating, complex mental illness, Sophie divides her time between her post-graduate University education in law and science communication at ANU and volunteering. 


Striving for the things she is passionate about, Sophie was part of the first Australian ‘This is My Brave’ and is a youth representative on the 'Way Back Service' stakeholder reference group, the carer/consumer representative on the ANU ACACIA reference group and is a board member on the Youth Coalition's Board.


Sophie runs her own social initiative Mind The Gap, involving over 60 young people involved as cast and crew for the show, raising $1500 for Ted Noffs and Menslink.

Promotion, Prevention & Early Intervention Award

School Youth Health Nurse Program

Often the first independent contact a young person will have with a health profession, the program provides individual consultations identifying risks and indicators for mental health concerns providing information on 24hr services and making referrals as needed to targeted services with consideration for the barriers to access which may include lack of; finance, family support, transport, service availability (long waiting lists), suitability for needs, and inclusivity. 

Catherine Campbell [pictured] accepted the award on behalf of the School Youth Health Nurse Program team.

Reciprocity Award

Joanne Smith

Working with people in detention for 12 years, she developed an early ‘throughcare’ system in ‘Inside Out’ at the Alexander Maconochie Centre.  This involved starting support whilst participants were still in detention through to assisting them re-integrate back into community, reducing recidivism dramatically.

After joining Wellways 4yrs ago she created the Detention Exit Community Outreach Program.  During the three years of its operation, there have been over 80 participants engaged with only a single participant re-offending whilst in the program. For many DECO has provided the support needed to stay out of the prison system for the longest period of time in their adult lives. 

This is a well deserved award based on the success of her program and her relentless and positive leadership.

Michael Firestone Scholarship

Jacqui Price

Jacqui (pictured) started her Bachelor of Communications and Public Relations degree at the University of Canberra while working, Jacqui is now studying under different circumstances.  

The first in her family to attend University, Jacqui is committed to finishing her Degree and will use the award to secure text books and provide access to the internet, key to her accessing the course.

Sarah Shepherd  

struggling with multiple and complex mental and physical health conditions for over five-teen years, Sarah is excited to be currently studying at University, a personal goal she has had for over a decade. 

Sarah is studying a Certificate in Liberal Studies at the Australian Catholic University and hopes to build on this by studying a Degree in Social Work and an Advanced Diploma in Counselling. 

Financial pressures have affected Sarah’s ability to undertake study, and the scholarship will assist with printing and other expenses.

Congratulations everyone!

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