There are many exceptional people and initiatives working to promote and improve understanding, awareness, service provision, and the general mental health and wellbeing of the Canberra community.

The ACT Mental Health Month Awards aim to recognise the achievements of individuals, groups, organisations, businesses and initiatives in the area of Mental Health in the ACT.


The Awards are a sector-wide initiative coordinated by the Mental Health Community Coalition ACT (MHCC ACT) and implemented by the ACT Mental Health Month Advisory Committee.

Nominations are CLOSED for 2020. Thank you for nominating!

Join us for the ACT Mental Health Month Awards Ceremony on Thursday 29 October 2020!

This event will be live streamed on Facebook at 3:30pm on 29 October.

Thank you to our partners that make these awards possible:

Mental Health Month Award Categories 2020

Mentally healthy community

This award category seeks to recognise individuals, groups or organisations who have made a significant contribution to improving the mental wellbeing of our community.


  • A person/organisation who makes a contribution to improving mental health and wellbeing for a group of people or at a community level (this might include activities to promote wellbeing during the pandemic).

  • A person or organisation who has been exceptional in developing innovative approaches to improving the mental health of their workers or effectively supported people with mental illness in their place of work.

  • A person or organisation who has made a significant / innovative contribution to preventing suicide or improving mental health of groups with higher rates of suicide.


Enhancing the lives of individuals, families and carers

This award category seeks to recognise individuals, groups or organisations who have made a significant contribution to the lives of individuals, families and carers with lived experience of a mental illness.


  • A consumer or carer with lived experience who has reached out and lead/facilitated support for a person with lived experience.

  • A business/organisation that is supporting and affirming of people with lived experience while delivering their ‘normal’ business (this might include a café, shop, pharmacy, real estate who go above and beyond maintaining people in houses, could include mainstream as well as MH services).

  • An education facility that is supporting a person with lived experience of a mental illness to achieve their learning aspirations (this could include schools).


Innovated person-centred valued supports

This award categories seeks to recognise individuals, groups or organisations who have made a significant contribution to the delivery of innovated person-centred valued supports to people who experience mental health concerns.


  • An individual who excels in their area of expertise in supporting mental health concerns (for example private psychologist or GP).

  • A business/organisation that has implemented a highly innovated approach to supports with significant involvement from consumers or taken significant steps to embed consumers into their planning and evaluation of their services.

  • A business/organisation whose workforce planning includes a significant focus on lived experience (peer work/lived experience of the workforce).

  • A business/organisation that have delivered innovative services in a time of crisis, client centred approach.


Research Evaluation

This award category seeks to recognise an individual researcher, piece of research or project that has advanced and/or is working towards improvements, innovation and evidence informed practice in mental health.


Lived Experience Ally Recognition Award (LEARA)*

The Award recognises a longstanding and exceptional contribution to mental health consumers and consumer-centred mental health services in the ACT. It acknowledges those who work collaboratively with consumers to achieve positive change and is open to both individuals and organisations.

David Perrin Award*

The award is presented in memory of David Perrin – an individual with multiple disabilities who made his mark in mental health services and was an inspiration to all who knew him. This Award recognises a mental health consumer who lives an independent and self-determined life beyond what they may have expected after diagnosis.


Michael Firestone Memorial Scholarship*

In recognition of Michael Firestone, a dedicated education advocate for mental health consumers, these scholarships (worth up to $500 a year to a maximum of $2,000 in total) recognise mental health consumers who are furthering their education by providing scholarship to cover general education expenses such as computers, course texts and course fees.

Rufus Scholarship*

Established in December 2019 by a private donor, this Scholarship provides an annual grant of up to $600 to support a mental health consumer to further or continue their education who would not otherwise have the financial means to do.


MHCC ACT Training

 MHCC ACT is pleased to be offering the opportunity for 3 organisations to receive mental health training to the value of $1000 each. These new training grants are for small to medium sized organisations or community groups whose participants identify as being part of a marginalised or minority group. In providing these grants MHCC ACT is helping build mental health literacy in the ACT community and better equipping staff and volunteers to support people with mental health challenges.

*This award is granted by the ACT Mental Health Consumer Network  

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Mental Health Month ACT is coordinated by the Mental Health Community Coalition ACT (MHCC ACT)

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