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ACT Mental Health Month Awards 2021 winners

Mentally Healthy Community Award

Organisation: ANU Thrive 

Individual: Dr. Shamaruh Mirza, Sitara’s Story 

Highly Commended: Frank Arsego, OzHelp 

Enhancing the lives of individuals, families and carers Award

New Horizons, Marymead 

Innovated person-centred valued supports Award

Organisation: Mental Health Foundation (ACT) and ACT Health 

Individual: Nicole Heinzmann, Woden Community Services  

Leadership through Lived Experience Award

Consumer - Jennifer Nixon 

David Perrin Award* 

November Marmion 

ACT Mental Health Consumer Network Consumer Scholarship*

Steven Effield 

Rufus Scholarship*

Dominique Mandziy 

*These awards and scholarships are provided by the ACT Mental Health Consumer Network.

Download the 2021 Awards booklet: