ACT Mental Health Month Awards 2020 - Winners

Mental Illness Education ACT, Youth Aware of Mental Health Team (MIEACT, YAM team) – Mentally Healthy Community Award - Organisation

Painting with Parkinsons - Mentally Healthy Community Award - Community Group

Dr Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Marathon Health - Mentally Healthy Community Award - Individual

Loretta Wholley, Merici College - Mentally Healthy Community Award - Individual, Highly Commended

Mystery Men and Mystery Women - Carer Outreach Program Experience (COPE), Wellways - Enhancing the lives of Individuals, Families and Carers Award

Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol and Drug Services, Havelock Housing & Mental Health Foundation (ACT)  - Innovated Person-centred Valued Supports Award - Organisation

John Neasey, ACT Recovery College - Innovated Person-centred Valued Supports Award - Individual

Dr Brett Scholz, ANU Medical School - Research Evaluation Award

Jodie Klaus - Mental Health Carer Award  

Jennifer Adams - Mental Health Carer Award, Highly Commended

Advocacy for Inclusion – MHCC ACT Training Grant 

Terri Warner - Leadership through Lived Experience Award – Consumer   

Maree Fish, Woden Community Services - Lived Experience Ally Recognition Award (LEARA) 

Ariel S. Kaufman, Nexus Human Services - David Perrin Award 

Liam Adams - Michael Firestone Memorial Scholarship 

Jesse Dwyer - Michael Firestone Memorial Scholarship 

Jewel McMahon - Rufus Scholarship